{Free Printable!} Newlywed Problem & Solution Cards

By popular demand….. you ask, and you shall receive!

I didn’t realize how popular the activity I created for a bridal shower would be until all of your comments came flooding in requesting the newlywed problem/solution cards!

So Happy Wednesday Hump Day! Here’s your free printable.
Great for any bridal shower, this activity involves all of your guests and provides a great memento and takeaway for the bride-to-be. Lay the cards out on a table or in a basket and invite guests to pick one. Through their experience (through hearsay or personal 🙂 they can then provide the bride-to-be advice, words of wisdom, encouragement or just a bit of humor to get through the possibly prickly situation in her newlywed life.

Note that there are about 60 cards with a few multiple repeat situations, as sometimes more than one person may have great advice for the same circumstance! 🙂

Click here to download your free printable!

Blog-Newlywed Problems

Instructions are on the first page of the printable. And remember, please use only for your personal use! Enjoy!

Shopping for the dress!

It’s time for THE dress. The dress you might have been dreaming about since you were a little girl playing dress-up. The dress you’ll be remembered in photos for years to come. And the dress that all of your family and friends at your wedding will turn their eyes to see you in as you walk down the aisle.

Needless to say, many stress out about the dress looking for just the right one.

So here are a few of a lil’ wedding planner’s tips I’ve found along the way to help with your wedding dress shopping:

  • First time’s a charm. Believe it or not, a large percentage of brides actually choose to go with the first dress that they do try on. You might be one of those brides and if that’s the case – don’t stress or second guess yourself! You might have already spent hours pouring over bridal magazines and online photos and know exactly what you want. Your heart might already be set on a style, and if you know your body then you know it works well with your shape. If that’s you, then first time is a charm! Don’t feel the pressure to keep trying on other dresses “just to make sure”. One or two might be enough, your heart will know!
  • Sit, stand, walk. Do all three things while trying on your dress. We know, sometimes you feel like a deer caught in headlights staring at your reflection in the mirror. But take a moment to inhale, take in the moment, and then walk to a chair and sit down! You need to know how your dress will feel since a large portion of your day will include walking in your dress and sitting for the reception. Don’t be surprised on your wedding day. If something doesn’t feel right, alterations can adjust it for you before the big event. And go ahead – throw in a little twirl while you’re at it 🙂
  • Complete the look. Throw on a veil, grab a bouquet in the store, choose some jewelry and put it on! It might sound like common sense but sometimes brides don’t complete the look until they’ve bought all the pieces and realize that something doesn’t look right. Your dress shape and size will often guide you in what your veil, jewelry, and bouquet should look like so that it compliments the dress and works with your entire look. So do it at the beginning in the store and remember what you’re looking for as you shop for the rest of your pieces!
  • Beware numerous opinions. I know you love your mother and grandmother and bridesmaids, and they are there to give you their support and honest opinions, but remember that they have their own fashion tastes as well – which might be different from yours. So take in what they have to say if a dress makes your butt look big or shows too much cleavage (and thank them for their loving honesty) but also remember that you know your body and your style, and don’t let their voices crowd out yours – which is the one that knows you best.

Have fun shopping! Be courageous and throw in a dress you normal wouldn’t go for into the mix to see how it looks on you (and at the least, confirm what style you think you want). The experience should be fun and full of giggles, not clouded with stress or doubts. And remember to start shopping early – so you can have more time to look if you haven’t quite yet found the dress.

Bridal Show Fashion Show!

Yesterday was The Wedding Party bridal show at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. My favorite part about any bridal show I go to is actually watching the fashion show! Not the abundant cakes or decadent hor d’oeuvres, but just seeing the different trends, styles and details on wedding dresses of the season.

So… with no further ado I bring you a few snapshots of the dresses I saw…!

Belle. From Beauty and the Beast .. “tale as old as time” just played throughout my head as I saw this dress! Simple yet so elegant, it is a slight yellow color (like Belle’s dress) and the pick-ups and sweetheart neckline give it a little bit of its own unique flavor.

One word: Muff. Let’s just say it again: Muff. ! I love the accessory for a winter bride – it’s unique and modern, and evokes images of snuggling up with a loved one in a winter chalet with a warm cup of hot cocoa in hand. 🙂 If you want to add flowers, I would suggest a handing pomander from the muff!

And moving on to spring… this is a fun, playful look. I love it for the bride that wants something different and short, but if you’re more of a traditional girl – I would recommend this for your “exit dress”! Put it on after the cake is cut and bouquet is tossed… do a few boogie movies in it as you get down on the dance floor and then run out into the night with your loved one as you head off to your honeymoon. Perfect ending, perfect dress. 🙂

Rosettes, rosettes, rosettes! I spotted floral details on more than a few dresses, so keep your eyes out for this feminine detail in dresses this year. This dress makes a statement and might not be for every girl out there, but it’s a unique pick for the right bride-to-be!

Whether the dresses inspire or seduce you… “the right dress” is so specific for each unique bride. (Coming from this wedding planner who’s shopped for her own dress and also shopped with girlfriends for theirs!). Later this week I’ll share a few tips I’ve learned along the way about choosing the right wedding dress for you 🙂

A Lil' Wedding Planner - img_7862

My Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

So it’s been 1 week since my best friend has been showered, bridal-ized and ready for her wedding day… but it’s also been a few months in planning for that wonderful afternoon!
I mentioned before how excited I am to see my best friend marry the man she loves and take on the next journey of her life with a constant companion by her side. Well, we (bridesmaids) couldn’t let her start that incredible journey without anything short of a fancy shin-dig, right? =D Right! So on to the party…..

Theme: ” A Few of [Deb’s] Favorite Things ”
We realized how well-rounded and eclectic our bride-to-be is, and we wanted to encompass all of what made her “her” without limiting ourselves to just a “tea party” or a “jewelry party” .. etc. Soo… we took it all and smashed it together and added in a dash of purple wedding color and .. voila..!! =D

The food was probably the most eclectic round-up you’ll ever see, but … it tasted gooooood. =D Our bride loves hot teas, red meat, asian dim sum dishes like potstickers and lo bak go (chinese turnip cake) and these particular sugar cookies that taste like cake with a whole load of icing, so who were we to deny her, her favorite things to eat? Have your cake and eat it too! I credit our Top Chef Rachel Moy for creating our menu!

  • DIY-Decor-Budget Idea: Paint-swatch place cards! Head to your nearest Home Depot and take a few (of these freebie) paint swatch cards! Paint comes in all sorts of colors so you can easily find a color or two that matches your decor. Use them as name place cards, or food dish labels, or anything else you need to indicate! For these place cards, I also used a die-cutter to round out the edges and a silver paint marker for the text. And… voila! It costs you only the gas it takes to drive to Home Depot!

As a group, us ladies helped to usher our bride-to-be into marriage not just by showering her with gifts, but also by our words of wisdom, encouragement (and some just plain out hilarious comedic suggestions) on potential marital problems. A great alternative to the bridal shower scrapbook activity, you can garner some great knowledge from a group of women and create a personal and useful memento.

But a highlight of the afternoon, I must say, was the most awesome Bridal Toilet Paper Dresses, done Project Runway Style! Sketch-Present-Incorporate a Special Element (Handmade Jewelry by the Bride)-and then Runway Model! Designers – you truly impressed us and far exceeded all of our expectations! WOW.

Prizes for the games (nail polish & speciality blooming teas!)

We finished off the summer afternoon with .. no, not cake…. but an Ice Cream Bar! For our bride who’s not too crazy about cake, we offered instead 5 different ice cream flavors, chocolate syrup and strawberries and toppings of Nerds candy and chocolate chips and fruit loops and sprinkles… OH MY! You scream for ice cream, and we all scream for ice cream!!!

Congratulations Deb! We (+4 more missing bridesmaids) are so excited for you….!! And last but not least…. Thank you for coming! 🙂